Effortless AI-Powered Video Translation and Voice-Over

Experience seamless video translation with AI-powered transcription, translation, and voiceover generation.



Accurate Transcription

Rely on AI-powered transcription for high accuracy, ensuring your translated content stays true to the original message.


Fast Translation

Benefit from quick and precise AI Video Translation across multiple languages.


High-Quality Voiceovers

Enjoy natural-sounding AI voiceovers generated by advanced technology, bringing your translated videos to life.


Pay-per-Use Pricing

Take advantage of a flexible pricing model based on video duration, allowing you to pay only for what you need.


Wide Variety of Languages

Choose from 29 languages to reach a global audience and make your content accessible to diverse viewers worldwide.


Translate YouTube Video

Easily translate your YouTube videos by simply pasting the link. No more additional steps.

How It Works


Upload Your Video

Browse and upload your video file to start the process. The video translator accepts MP4 video format or YouTube link.


Select Languages

Choose the languages you want your video to be translated into and voice. Our app supports a wide range of languages.



Once the video is uploaded and all settings are configured, proceed to purchase your voiceover translation.


Download & Share

Download your translated video and share it on social media or other platforms with ease.

Voice Over Translation Example

Compare the original and AI-generated voice-over videos side by side

Original in French

Voice Over in English

Original in Hungarian

Voice Over in Spanish

Original in Portuguese

Voice Over in Italian

Discover More Examples of Video Translation on Our YouTube Channel

It Works For


Educators and Online Learning

VideoDub helps teachers make their videos easy to understand for students all over the world. It's great for online classes, making learning easy for everyone.


Content Creators and Vloggers

Creators can reach more people by using this tool to translate their videos. It makes sharing ideas with the whole world simple.


Businesses and Corporate Training

Businesses can train their teams better with VideoDub. It translates training videos, so all employees understand them, no matter their language.


Travel and Culture Vloggers

Travel vloggers can use this to share their journeys more widely. It translates travel stories, making them fun for everyone.



Great for filmmakers, language learners, and families speaking different languages. It helps share stories, learn languages, and connect families.


Transparent, pay-as-you-go rates - no subscription required.

Translated Voice Over: $0.75/min
Subtitles Generator: Free

29 Languages

AI Transcription

Precise Translation and Time Syncing

Natural Voices

Fully Automated Process